Home Edition 32"
Dual Player Control Panel
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Extreme Home Edition 40"
Dual Player Control Panel
EXTREME Home Edition 50"
Quad Player Control Panel
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Extreme Home Edition -Quad Player

Our units will definitely become the “centerpiece attraction" in any gameroom.  ARCADEDLX  produces a nice effect for that gamer who demands that authentic play, while effortlessly accommodating the newest and coolest games available.

F e a t u r e s
50 inch Flat Digital Display
4 Player Control Panel Joystick
Quad 8-way Joysticks with Fire Buttons
Oversized Trackball  (Illuminated)
Coin Door (Deactivated)
Customizable  Marquee Kit
Custom Illumination Kit   Included
Blue / Red / Green / Multi Colored
Ice-Cool  Performance Fan System

C o m p u t e r   S y s t e m
Intel® (3.0 GHZ, 2MB L2)
4GB S.DRAM / 500GB Hard Drive
16X (DVD+/-RW) Drive
NVIDIA® GeForce® VideoCard
Keyboard Wireless (Illuminated) 
100watt Speakers with SubWoofer
Microsoft®  Windows

D i m e n s i o n s

H: 84" x W :44" x D: 26 1/2"  Approx. 450lbs